The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly increased the demand for single use bougies that are manufactured by X-Tech Medical in the UK. The bougie is used to intubate patients with difficult airways to position the endotracheal tube in the correct location in emergency situations to provide oxygen to patients (Case Studies.). The bougie range is available from X-Tech Medical distributors.

X-Tech Medical also manufactures a complex single use harness assembly for a global OEM. The device is connected to anaesthesia equipment and used to automatically regulate a targeted volume of anaesthetic gas to sedate patients requiring ventilation.

The significant increase in demand for both devices has meant increasing production at the same time observing Coronavirus rules in the workplace. By means of changing shift patterns and investing in additional equipment the company has met these challenges and has been able to pull deliveries forward to distributors and OEMs. The sudden demand for products to treat patients suffering from Covid-19 has not effected X-Tech Medical’s ability to continue to manufacture and supply other medical and life science products not related to Coronavirus to it’s other customers.

Both products utilise X-Tech Medical’s core strengths that include medical tube extrusion, injection moulding and assembly in its class 7 clean rooms.